We use only the finest all natural ingredients with pure unrefined oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. Because quality makes a difference. This Shampoo is putting to use the Power of Essential oils, that naturally detox, promote hair growth and fight dandruff. Perfect for travelers and Campers, ... The ultimate WASH N’ GO ... Shampoo - Conditioner - Body Soap, no leaking or liquid restrictions at TSA. And Because “all natural” has no side effects,... No Paravents, Silicas or petroleum based fillers... Long lasting, heavy lathering Bar EXTRA CARE LINE... ... This Shampoo received a second infusion process where more conditioning product was added. For hair that needs more care like long, dry, aged and stressed hair and ends. Ingredients: Olive oil Coconut Oil Palm oil Castor oil Shea Butter Almond oil Therapeutic grade Essential Oils
8oz Solid Bar    Rub directly on scalp and into hair     Do not ingest   Keep away from Children

Lavender EXTRA Care Conditioning Shampoo