The Bakery

Our Passion for baking is a given! My Wife is from Austria and I grew up with a German mother baking bread all the time.

Missing beloved treats, we have decided not just to satisfy our own need but also to share and sell our European Artisan Breads with Family, Friends and now with the Public.


What Makes OUR bread European?

Texture and Crust, yes, we're all about the crust. The sound it makes when you cut into it tells you all about the quality of a Bread. Still light and airy but with lots of substance, each loaf is noticeably heavier than your traditional American Made Bread. 


Some of our Most Popular Breads

French Country White Wheat

Known for its versatility and amazing crust.

A true European Artisan classic. 

We Flavor our French County with a variety of  Ingredients

Cinnamon Raisin

very popular because it makes the most amazing french toast.

Cranberry Almond

Makes great Turkey sandwiches ;)

San Diego

filled with Jalapeños, Garlic and Tillamook Sharp cheddar cheese. This bread has quite the the following.



with sun dried tomatoes, Oregano, Garlic and Tillamook sharp Cheddar cheese. It has the nick name "Pizza Bread" ... a well deserved title!

Onion Dill


Austrian Black Sourdough Bread 

Rye, whole wheat flour mix with spices and potatoes. Unique but very attractive taste that is one of Europe's favorite breads. 



Sourdough 100% white wheat

From Our own starter (we named him EARL :))

Multi Grain

A blend of Grains like Spelt and Rye give this one a nutty flavor and is a great companion for hearty meals. 




Besides Bread... we love to indulge in Sugary treats that Crown a Special day. Our love for real ingredient and well beloved recipes from way back reflect in our baking style and are well received by our customers confirming our Vintage baking isn't getting old.


Our popular craving killers are...

Cinnamon Rolls

sometimes filled with Huckleberries, Peaches or Nuts



a variety of flavors and selling 50 000+ yearly confirms the popularity of the American classic treat

with flavors like salted peanutbutter, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, cranberry-Walnut-Oatmeal, ...



Bunt Cakes

like Spice Cake, Zuccini and banana Bread, ...


Old Fashioned cake Doughnuts

with flavors like, Blueberry, Lemon glaze, Huckleberry, chocolate,...

Cup Cakes

Vintage Layered Cakes

Check out our baking list below for special orders and treats for your next big Event.

Custom order Baking list