A most basic desire of Humans, connecting with our Soil and fashion it with skill, observing the development of a Miracle and reviving the Soul with joy that a Garden can bring.

Here are the three ways we Garden


This is also know as the "Garden of Eden Method"

Here we put between 4 and 8 in of wood chips and compost down and then plant into it.  There are lots of benefits to this way of gardening. Moister retention, slow fertilization, weed barrier ... 

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Plastic cover:

This way of gardening works best for large areas, where you are producing large amounts of produce for shipping, which is the insdustries most popular way of farming. Small Bedding Plants will be directly transplanted into the plastic. In keeps the weeds down and moister in. Another huge benefit is that the plastic gets warmed by the sun and raises the soil temperature which is in cooler climates beneficial to plant growth like tomatoes that love warm soils.

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Drip lines:

These lines are layed down, either with plastic cover or not. weed pressure is low because only the watered areas encourage plant growth. ideal for dry areas and plants that will outgrow the weeds.