The Alpine


For the Love of Food

from Scratch with a Passion for Flavor


Trying to incorporate traditional cooking methods to preserve nutrition and quality of fresh and locally sourced produce.

The love for quality Food has been our passion.

We are proud to offer

*Our own in house baked fresh Artisan Breads European Style* 

*Seasonal and locally grown produce* 

*a special diet friendly Menu*

We honor our Creators dietary recommendations and serve only Levitical standard approve clean meats. 

 Thank you for your respect and understanding of our dietary food standards.

Our current Menu is displayed at this bottom of the





Our Restaurant seats up to 38 Guest and offers a variety of Local and international Wines and Beer.

We Host our Famous Prime Rib dinners on Friday and Saturday from 5pm - Closing

We recommend making Reservations due to its popularity!!!

Whether in house or at a location of your Choice, we are happy to Customize and Create the Perfect Menu for your upcoming Events. With an in house Bakery and a creative Team of Chefs we would love to be a part of your Special Gathering.





































































Event Menu Ideas
Event Baking Menu
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